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Name Gender Member Number Membership Type
Foto tipo passe Joel Colaço Male CMM73KQQ Youth
Teresa moreira Teresa Moreira n/a AUQ1DRIW Adult
Paulo calhau Paulo Calhau Male UYL1KTFL Adult
Nuno melo Mario Melo Male 6DYXQHFY Adult
Pedro alves Pedro Alves Male ULC4E4AG Adult
Viriato duarte Viriato Duarte n/a R0IAY0TF Adult
Photo portugal athlete daniel andrade Daniel Andrade Male QFOCS0DL Youth
Ct Charissa Tynan Female G6U2EJDE Adult
20180711 215257 Marisol Freitas Female KRZMNVFQ Adult
Antnio faria1111 Antonio Faria Male VFWMMFHI Adult
Nuno melo Nuno Melo Male PVKPLRDW Adult
Whatsapp image 2018 08 15 at 11.33.03 Miguel Marques Male ZGFZUY07 Adult
Daniel andrade Daniel Andrade Male HSL4AWPD Youth
Dina pedro (2) Dina Pedro Female VZYGVUC0 Adult
Pedro roque Pedro Roque n/a JHAGWZPU Adult
Alexandre sales Alexandre Sales Male EBBU3G7H Youth
Maria lobo Maria Lobo Female K2WVGVIP Adult
Fb img 1514457214397 Fatima Oliveira Female AXH0CHQQ Adult
Andr%c3%a9 melo Andre Melo FNIIGRAI Adult
Afonso silva tipo passe Afonso Silva Male JGCKPJIQ Youth
20180712 131330 Cláudia Jardim Female 93X6TRFX Youth
Foto Bernardo Nolasco Male KEMAIO5F Adult
Catarina sousa Catarina Leite Female ATZXCHFF Youth
Rui botelho Rui Botelho Male DMBAOV52 Adult
Ana melo (2) Ana Melo Female 2YOTALDA Adult
Gonc%cc%a7alo noites Goncalo Noites Male V3OE7LZI Youth
Photo portugal athlete joana alves31111 Joana Alves Female S6BI5UAK Youth
Vasco castro Vasco Castro Male RPL6YBTK Youth
Missing Joana Costa Female W2XYMLCY Youth
Gleb photo Glib Kalita Male XOCUFA9O Adult
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